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The Plus Package is among the most preferred PR packages for engaging with potential users. It includes content publication in English for your choice of 2 countries, such as the United States (USA), Canada (CA), the United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EU), and Gulf countries.

How should the content be wrıtten?

Why should you ımplement a pr campaıgn?

To build trust and reputation:
A PR campaign helps your customers to trust your brand and positively impacts your reputation. Through press releases, news and media relations, you take an important step in promoting your brand positively.
To reach a wide audience:
Through media relations and press releases, you can deliver your brand’s message to a wider audience. A well-crafted press release allows you to reach thousands of people through news websites and newspapers.
To stand out from the competition:
In a highly competitive market, an effective PR campaign provides you with a competitive advantage. By distinguishing yourself in the industry and seizing opportunities to communicate directly with your target audience, you can get ahead of your competitors.
To be prepared for crisis situations:
PR is important not only in positive situations but also in negative ones. Being prepared for crisis situations and developing reputation management strategies are crucial for the long-term success of your brand.

How does an onlıne pr servıce work?

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Your press release is sent for publication based on the selected country and sector.


All your news in print and online media are presented as a reflection report.

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